The Purpose of the booster clubs shall be a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization with legal status to promote the growth of the Eastside High School basketball program's relationships with its business community, parents, and fans.   The booster club officers encourage student-athletes and parents to participate in any and all booster club related activities.


 The Slam Dunk Booster Club and Lady Eagles Booster Club will support our coaches and student-athletes as they strive to pursue victory with honor in the classrooms and on the court. We will encourage high academic achievement and promote continuous character development.

Slam Dunk Booster Club Officers:  2017-2018 Season
Gwen Motley - President
Kelley Harper- Vice President
Kenney Garrick- Secretary
Mechelle Crawford - Treasurer
Stephanie Casola- Records Keeper

Lady Eagles Booster Club Officers:  2017-2018 Season
Natasha Farley - President
Margo Gentry - Vice President
Dawn Ferbee - Secretary
Linzie Duren - Treasurer